Onshore & Offshore Accommodations

Onshore & Offshore Accommodations

LAING is a distributor of accommodation solutions for non-hazardous areas at both onshore and offshore facilities, platforms, barges, supply vessels or structures. For use as an accommodation facility, site-office or entirely individual project (either onshore or offshore). The DNV 2.7-1 / 2.7-2 / 2.7 – 3 certified and CSC approved offshore containers are A60 fire/blast rated and built with ISO standard steel.

LAING offers permanent, long or short-term accommodation solutions for many applications. Our units can be quickly set up and deployed. We offer a large selection of accessories including stairs and landings, furnishings for offices, sleeping quarters, break rooms, changing rooms and kitchenettes. The comprehensive selection of accessories like acoustic panels, whiteboards and finger pinch protection for doors make these mobile accommodations fully customizable.

Next to the wide selection of standard modules, we can provide custom-built units to meet your requirements, approvals, and certifications. 

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