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Our services

We offer a wide range of integrated services that cater to the Energy, Construction and Manufacturing industries plus more!

As professionals in the industry, it is important that we strive to provide the best service experience. This contributes to our business continuity and lets us stay ahead of the curve to meet our client's expectations.

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Onshore & Offshore Accommodations

LAING is a distributor of accommodation solutions for non-hazardous areas at both onshore and offshore facilities, platforms, barges, supply vessels or structures. For use as an accommodation facility, site-office or entirely individual project (either onshore or offshore). The DNV 2.7-1 / 2.7-2 / 2.7 – 3 certified and CSC approved offshore containers are A60 fire/blast rated and built with ISO standard steel.

Transportation Services

LAING’s Transportation and Lifting Services are ideal if you are looking to lift, transport, mobilize or demobilize heavy equipment, machinery, modules, supplies and materials for the Energy, Construction and Manufacturing Industries. We have been in the transportation and lifting business for almost 20 years, having moved loads of every weight and size to some of the most inaccessible locations within Trinidad and Tobago. Our team of qualified drivers and dispatchers have the experience to get your load to where you need it.

Equipment Rentals

We have an unparalleled ability within the service industry to provide machinery, equipment, and tools ranging from heavy duty earthmoving equipment to light equipment rentals for power generation, fuel containment and handheld operations carried out in the Manufacturing, Construction and Energy Industries.

Fabric Maintenance

LAING offers an advantage with our diverse operation capabilities in Fabric Maintenance and Corrosion Control Services. We are experts in Sand blasting, Dust-free vacuum blasting, Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water Jetting (up to 40,000 PSI), Steam Cleaning, Tank Cleaning and Coating Inspection.

Civil Engineering

LAING offers various Civil Engineering services for the design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructures to achieve our client’s goals. Our expert team of certified staff can provide support during all phases of your project with our wide range of services.

Welding and Fabrication

In line with Welding and Fabrication Services standards, LAING has the ability to provide a certified staff of welders and fabricators. Having completed industrial projects such as the fabrication of ASCO’s chemical shed warehouse and SHELL accommodation roofing project we are confident that our skills can be applied throughout a number of industries, including construction, manufacturing and oil and gas.

Pumping Services

LAING carries a complete line of high-performance pumps for solid and liquids handling. Available in many configurations for Agricultural, Mining, Construction, Wastewater, Industrial Power Generation, Environmental, Sewage bypass, Flood, Silt Returns and Site Dewatering usage. Vacuum-assisted, leak resistant and self-priming pumps are also available for submerged pumping duties.

Right of Way Maintenance

Electrical Overhead Line Clearance, River De- siltation, Pipeline Maintenance, Pipe Pressure Washing, Grass Cutting/ Landscaping, Vegetation Removal.

Labour Supply

Our NACE Certified Coating Inspection Team, Riggers and Banksmen provide full time assistance during all phases of your project. We provide experienced, certified operators for your equipment.








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