Fabric Maintenance

Fabric Maintenance

LAING offers an advantage with our diverse operation capabilities in Fabric Maintenance and Corrosion Control Services. We are experts in Sand blasting, Dust-free vacuum blasting, Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water Jetting (up to 40,000 PSI), Steam Cleaning, Tank Cleaning and Coating Inspection.

Sandblasting is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface. A good foundation is important for any project whether it be maintenance of your facilities, construction equipment or refurbishing. Sandblasting is the way to go if you want a clean, detailed base for your project. 

Applications Include:

  • Pre-treatment of paint spraying and coating.
  • Cleaning the residues of metal, rust, welding, and heat treatment work.
  • Refurbishing of automotive and marine vessels and electro-mechanical parts.



Painting is usually the next step in the process after any kind of surface prep. The most critical time when painting, is the time between the surface prep and the first coat. We are qualified to apply just about every type of paint available on the market from epoxy to zinc and latex coatings. Our NACE Certified Coating Inspection Team provides both full time and hold point inspections during all phases of surface preparation.



Our Ultra High pressure, 40,000 PSI blaster is a specialized equipment used where sandblasting might not be safe or cost effective. Our technicians are specially trained and have had many years of experience operating such equipment. We offer water blasters with adjustable speeds of 40,000 PSI, 20,000 PSI, 15,000 PSI, 10,000 PSI, and 5,000 PSI.

Applications Include:

  • Underwater cleaning 
  • Barnacle cleaning 
  • Paint scaling
  • Rust removal on ships and offshore structures



Products build up can have a negative impact on plant efficiency, create a risk of downstream contamination and render the mixing equipment difficult to service or repair. Regularly cleaned and maintained vessels can result in greater operational efficiency and thus greatly improve productivity.

LAING has the expertise to handle the entire process of your tank cleaning needs whether it is for inspection, maintenance, or decommissioning. From 500 gallon to 2.5 million gallon gasoline oil tanks, LAING is equipped with hot water power washers, high pressure hydroblasters and chemical solutions to tackle the most difficult projects.

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